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Having problems with breakers blowing when using certain appliances?
Here's a list of items and how many amps are used. 

Air Conditioner 15,000BTU  12-18 amps
Ceramic heater                     12-14
Coffee pot / Keurig               10-14
Computer / Laptop                2-9
Converter /Charger               8-10
Crock pot                              1-4
Electric frying pan                 10-12
Electric water heater             12-14
Fan                                        2-4
Food processor                     5-7
Hair dryer                             10-14
Hand vacuum                       2-6
Heating pad                         1-5
Ice maker                             12-14
Iron for clothing                    9-12
Microwave                           12-16
Phone  charger                    1-6
Refrigerator                          3-8
Satellite                                1-4 
Television                             2-5
Toaster / Toaster oven        10-12
Water heater                       10-12 
You can only use so many appliances at one time.  
If you are 30 amp up to 30 amp or you start blowing fuses. 50 amp can use up to 50 amps. 

Remember, you can only use the amount of ampage of your RV,
either up to 30 amps or 50 amps.
Rule is, if not using it, unplug it.

Example: Do not run a hair dryer and microwave at same time. Will blow a fuse.

Do not use microwave, coffee pot, toaster oven all at the same time if you are only 30 amp. Fuse will blow.

Tv is probably on and a computer, so now you are around 12- 15 amps.

Think about what you are using at any given time.